6 Methods to Improve your Email marketing

Email Markeitng

Email marketing is an important tool in the internet marketing arsenal. If we use it efficiently it works wonder to draw huge amount of targeted traffic and increase the sales. It is also important because it reduce our dependency on ever changing search engines for targeted traffic. As I am handling the online marketing of one […]

Penguin-Secured: 6 Tips to Make Your Link Building Strategy Rule

Since its release in April 2012 this algorithm they dubbed as “Google Penguin” have put together tighter guidelines for website optimization in order to avoid numerous spam factors such as content spinning, cloaking, stuffing keywords, and more. Google Penguin basically penalizes the websites engaging in over-optimization with their link building strategies. This fight against black […]

7 Pinterest Boards Your Business Should Be Following


Now that the Pinterest buzz has been pushed aside for Instagram, infographics, and a new wave of mobile marketing excitement, it’s a good time to really stop and look at some of the boards businesses have created. Industry leaders are constantly talking about who you should be following on Twitter and what Facebook pages offer […]

Organize Your Office: 5 Benefits of Google Calendar


Google has more tools than any business knows what to do with, but these tools provide many benefits that can help businesses become more successful. One of these tools is Google Calendar, which is exactly what it sounds like—a calendar. But because it’s made by Google, it has plenty of capabilities that put other calendars […]

How to Get Backlinks Naturally – Advice from Matt Cutts


Back links are the lifeblood of any websites. Longtime ago when Google introduced back links as a major factor in its search ranking algorithm, people were gone mad to build back links like crazy. They started ethical and unethical strategies to build back link fast. To curb the unethical practice, time to time Google came […]

Trolling Your Way to the Top of Google

Trolling is like farting in a dinner party. It is not only rude, but it is also quite offensive and it gets a lot of attention. The sad part with trolling is that people do it so much just to draw attention and to have fun that they do not really know the damage that […]

How to Improve Website Load Time with Google PageSpeed Insight


  Your Website load time can make a big impact on your search engine ranking and if it takes time to load it can drive away your visitors from your blog. The page loading is an important element in getting top ranking in search engines. It is one of the important factor Google consider in […]

Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics 3rd Edition by Brian Clifton – A Review


  Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics 3rd edition was launched at the right time when I was preparing for my Google Analytics Certification Exam. Though I was planning to buy the 2nd edition but Brian has updated in his blog in advance about the launch of his 3rd edition of this book which is […]