Pinteresting Holiday? Find Your Next Holiday & Share Your Experiences.

In case you have yet to discover it, Pinterest is the latest up-and-coming social media site. Based on the concept of an online pinboard and geared towards pictures, Pinterest is a great way for people who are very visual to express themselves and find new ideas.

Signing up for Pinterest is still invitation only, but if you know anyone who uses the internet you’re bound to find someone who will throw you an invite. Once you’re in, you’ll find a plethora of colorful images on everything from make-up and hair to architecture and cars.

There’s a perception that Pinterest is for women, but although women currently make up the largest portion of users there is plenty there for men too. And plenty for people from whatever gender to enjoy, including planning and sharing your next holiday!

Get some ideas

Anything you can think of, you can be pretty sure someone’s posted about it on Pinterest. Short of sex, drugs or nudity, Pinterest has a place for all interests and there are plenty of Pinner’s who have ideas to share.

Pinterest has a whole section on Travel, which is packed full of great ideas. If you like to choose where you go on holiday based on the gorgeous glossy pictures in magazines and brochures, Pinterest is a perfect way to expand your horizons to things that aren’t bounded by looking in a particular brochure limited to a specific destination. A quick look at the Travel and Places section of Pinterest delivers pictures of destinations as diverse as Paris, Hawaii, Bora Bora and the Isle of Skye.

Click on any picture on Pinterest and you’ll be taken to the website from which it was taken. Often this is a Flickr album, but it can also bring you out on a blog telling you about the person’s experiences in that destination, a holiday company’s website or a travel blog with pointers on getting the most out of your holiday. All this is gold mine when you’re planning your next trip.

Found it? Pin it!

When you happen upon a picture of a place that you might like to visit, you can “re-pin” it; that is, add it to your own Pinterest account for future reference. Pinterest organises itself in Boards, based on the idea of old-fashioned cork-boards on which you could pin up your postcards. You can have as many boards as you like and name them in ways that are relevant to you. You can start a board for holiday inspiration, individual boards for particular destinations that have taken your fancy or any other combination that works for you.

You don’t just have to pin things that you find on Pinterest either. You can add your own pins, either by clicking on “add pin” on the website and putting in the URL or by using a little tool like Google Chrome’s Pinmarklet, which identifies all the pictures on the page, allows you to select one and pins the picture along with the URL to your selected board.

This gives you a perfect way to clip and save any websites with great holiday deals in a place that’s easily accessible just as easily as if you were using an old-fashioned scrapbook!

Wish You Were Here?

When you return from your holiday, what better way to organise your holiday photos than using Pinterest? With separate boards for different excursions, or a board for beaches and one for cities, you can organise your photographs and display them in a way you and your friends and family can refer back to with ease.

What’s more, you can upload pictures and add links to your pictures. If you want to let the world know about where you had the best mojito in Miami, post your picture of your cocktail with a link to the bar’s website? That way, you get to give a little something back to the community that helped you source your holiday.


Pinterest is a fantastic way to collect ideas, share pictures and store your memories in one place. Why not give it a try when you plan your next getaway? Also visit company pinboards and find great accommodation, flight and car rental deals.

Image Credits:  Wikipedia and © Tommyschultz | Stock Free Images & Dreamstime Stock Photos.

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