How to Get Backlinks Naturally – Advice from Matt Cutts

mattcutts Back links are the lifeblood of any websites. Longtime ago when Google introduced back links as a major factor in its search ranking algorithm, people were gone mad to build back links like crazy. They started ethical and unethical strategies to build back link fast. To curb the unethical practice, time to time Google came up with a lot of algorithm changes and now its evolved as a mix of art and techniques to build back links. Though there is a thin line between the ethical and unethical way of building back links, people are still looking for best practices to build back links that can go align with Google’s perception of a good back link. 

Though you can find a lot of good information on building back links all over the Internet, but we still need to give heed to someone who is from Google itself and consider authority when it comes to Search Engine Optimization for Google. Matt Cutts doesn’t need any introduction and here is some advice from him on How to get backlinks naturally.

1 – Controversies

Controversial topics always generate reactions from the public; You can make a controversial statement about a public figure, about a company or anything that raises a sharp reaction; it could be a negative reaction but if people are discussing your statement, they will mention your post too. You are bound to get link as they will mention your post link. However, don’t over do it and don’t do it regularly.

2 – Participate in the Community

Participate in the community and try to give real solution to the problems of people. Answer the questions, write something worthwhile so that people can look at you for the solution of their problem. This will not only bring you a ton of link and traffic, but it can position yourself as authority in your field. When you become an authority in your niche, people will refer you for any guidance.

 3 – Original research

One of the best ways to get back link is to produce original researched content. No marketing strategies can beat the original research. If you can up to your subject a little, you can come up with your own original content, which will be bound to get links from other people. Original researched content always get attention from people and most likely get a reference from other people.

4 – Social Media

This is not a brainier. Social media has evolved as a major platform to discuss and exchange information. From Individual blogger to a Big company, everyone is involved with some social media platform. So if, you can manage your profile efficiently in those platforms, you are bound to get a lot of links to your site.

5 – Conference Presentation

If you do some conference presentation, people will notice you and will mention you on their blog with a link to your website. Its a powerful method to position yourself as a authority in your field.

6 – List Post

Matt suggested writing a long list post though this one is a weaker one but still person can refer to good list posts. Once in a while you can write a good list post.

7 – Write How-to guide and Tutorials

Write practical How-to guide’s and tutorials. People is always looking for how to guides to solve their day to day problems. Moreover, there are unlimited topics available to write how to guides.

8 – Make your own product and Give it free to the Community

You can create your own software product and give it free. You can create products, which make thing easier for people. You can create a product like some useful Word press plug-in, Beautiful Word press themes or a Google Chrome or Firefox extension and distribute it free. Lot of people will use your product, and some of them will give you link.

9 – Make videos

This is one method, which can get you back links and bring lots of traffic if you do it right, Just make videos to your related niche and distribute it video sharing sites. Video sharing sites are getting tons of traffic; you can generate a steady flow of traffic if you create useful videos.

These are some methods you can use to build back links to your website. All the methods can help you to build natural back links to your site. There is nothing wrong with these methods, and it will hold value for a long time.


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  1. all points is great way for get backlinks and traffic also. but i recommend you focus to “Social Media”.

  2. This one is the complete guide for Backlink building Tips, no words for this, this info is simply great and can take any Blog/Website to high, just subscribed you….

  3. The above 8 points are really a great way to build natural links to a website. But, I am really confused about 5th and 9th point saying “Conference Presentation” and “Make videos” respectively.

    I want to know how these can be helpful in generating natural backlinks.

  4. Thanks for the information about natural back links. I was building a pressure washing site and thought it would be harder. Thanks

  5. There is complete transparency in the methods used by legit link building services as well as their working must not be ambiguous.

    But if you’re serious about SEO, then it’s a good idea to start
    using a manual deep link building campaign.
    If you continue insisting to generate thousands of backlinks in short time of time, you can get the risk to getting banned or removed from Google’s listings.

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