7 Features in LinkedIn You Could Have Missed

LinkedIn_WebLogo LinkedIn has come a long way since its inception. One of the most important social media platform with more than 120 millions members across the globe, comparatively it has fewer members than Facebook and twitter. But the LinkedIn has more focused audience catering to professionals and Business owners. 

Though majority if the LinkedIn user use it for building and displaying their résumé and for networking purposes but there are other features available which are still less explored. Here I am mentioning 7 features which make you a power user of LinkedIn .

1 – Browse as  Anonymous Profile 

This is little feature comes handy when you would like to browse some individual or company profile and doesn’t want to show under “Who viewed your profile” option. 

Click to “Settings”, Under Privacy Control option click on “Select what others see when you’ve viewed their profile”. Select anonymous profile or totally anonymous profile and browse .



2 – Customize News Feed

LinkedIn news feeds is an excellent tool to update yourself with recent news and updates tailored to your professional interest. It’s a great resource to keep up with the dynamic professional life.

TO customize your news feed , go to the tops links “news” and click “LinkedIn Today” from the dropdown menu.

Now Click on “Customize your news “  from the right column and follow the industry you would like to get the updates from. You can also follow various news sources and save any article you would like to read it later.



3 – Export your Connection Data 

If you would like to add your LinkedIn connection data in any of your address book or you need for any other purpose you can download the whole data in various format .  Click on “Contacts”  on the top menu and click on “connections”.

Click on “Export connections”  in the bottom right side of the page and export the data in five different format.



4 – Search Industry Events

LinkedIn provides you a list of events conducts in different areas. You can search specific events according to your interest by putting your relevant keyword. You can also get to know who else is joining the event. Just go to top right link “more”  and click “event” from the drop down menu.  You can search the event by putting keyword in the left search field .



5 – Answers

This is a great feature in LinkedIn similar to yahoo answers but underutilized by the members. You can ask your questions and answer the question asked by any member. You can promote yourself by giving best answer to the  relevant questions. Top Experts are featured on the Answer home page. You can also search for already asked question in your industry through “Advance Answers Search” option




6 – Join a relevant Group

One of the powerful feature of LinkedIn is availability of thousands of groups related to various fields. You can join these groups to take part in the current discussions, for networking with relevant people. If you want you can open your own Group and manage your group from your LinkedIn account . 

Just click on Groups on the top menu , you will get four option in the dropdown menu. Click on “Group Directory ”. You can use relevant keywords to search the relevant group to join.



 7 – Add  Applications in your profile

LinkedIn provides you an option to add third-party application to your profile to make it more enrich.

You can check where your colleagues are travelling through “my travel” application. You can upload and display your presentation from “Slide share presentations” . You can get actionable data by conducting poll to the professional audience in LinkedIn through Polls application. Though the of application is very limited but you can choose some good application there.


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