Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics 3rd Edition by Brian Clifton – A Review


briancliftonAdvanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics 3rd edition was launched at the right time when I was preparing for my Google Analytics Certification Exam. Though I was planning to buy the 2nd edition but Brian has updated in his blog in advance about the launch of his 3rd edition of this book which is much more comprehensive and includes all the recent changes in Google Analytics. Finally it was launched on 19 March,2012 and was available in Amazon for sale.  I immediately picked a copy for me, a decision I never regret. A bonus $50 Adword Voucher is given with this book.

This book was instrumental in my preparation for Google Analytics exam and I always keep it on my table for ready reference.

This 3rd Edition of this book is very comprehensive and well written by Brian. He strategically divided the content into various major section and sub sections. All sections and subsections are individual entity and can be read randomly as and when required. Hence it suits to all type of readers be it a webmaster, E-commerce manager, content creator or a marketing manager.

Why you should read this Book

For Beginners – If you have just started learning web analytics this is a perfect start for you. Brain has started with the basic concept of web analytics. Why web traffic measurement is necessary and important for our business. How to start with web analytics and from where we should start with. How measurement of web traffic impact your business. How Google analytics fits in and play a vital role in web traffic measurement. Google analytics features, limitations,reports and Implementation guide. Beginners can learn the basic of web analytics first without involving in advance topics and gradually move to advance chapters as they learn.

For Intermediate and Advance Users – Google Analytics has evolved as an advance web analytics measurement tool so it required a good technical knowledge to implement it and customize it according to your requirement. But don’t scared as it is not difficult to get through it. Brian has written all the implementation guides in detail and supported with actual screen shots. Along with detail information there are a lot of Special notes, Tips, warnings and important information are scattered through out the book in a separate box which is very handy to keep note of important things.

There are separate section for Integration of Google Analytics with other Google products such as Google Adword, Google webmaster tool, Feedburner and Google Adsense. Advance Implementation section is given for Tracking E-commerce transaction, Campaign tracking and Event tracking.

For Managers – This Book is very useful for managers as they are responsible for collecting and analyzing the data to derive useful insights to improve the overall efficiency of the websites. For them it is important to understand different KPI’s and identify the relevant KPI for them. Brain has specifically given various KPI examples by Job Role such as E-commerce Manager KPI Example, Marketer KPI examples, Social Media KPI examples, Content creator KPI examples and Webmaster KPI examples.

Along with KPI’s Brain has also given real world tasks where he has mentioned various real life problems a manager encountered and how to solve them. I found it very useful as it is connected to some common issues which is faced by most of the people. Chapters on real world tasks includes How to Identify and Optimize poor performing pages, To measure the success of internal site search, To optimize your search engine marketing, To measure offline marketing.

There is a whole resource section available for various important tools which will help in your web analytics pursuit. A list of 16 Web analytics Books and a big list of web analytics sites and blogs is given.

Over all its a complete book on Google analytics, it’s not only help you to understand advance and complex implementation of Google analytics but also help you to understand your data and derive actionable insight from your data.

This book has been very instrumental in preparation for the Google analytics certification which helps me to pass the exam with flying colors. Let me know your views if you have gone through this book.

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