12 Free Online Social Media Courses

Social Media has emerged as the fastest growing online marketing tool, Businesses can reach millions of people at the touch of a button.  Facebook has more than 800 million active users and Twitter has more than100 million active users . In Facebook more than 3.5 billion piece of content being shared in a week. Its become Imperative for business to implement and manage an effective social media strategy. Business are looking for well-trained Social media professionals to meet there demand, it has created a huge opportunity for employment as a social media consultant.

Lot of self-proclaimed social media experts and Institutions has come up with their Social Media Courses and trainings with a huge price tags. Off course they offer value for the price they are charging but not every one can avail there services. Here I am providing 12 free resources to learn Social Media marketing at your pace. These courses are available online so you do not need to travel anywhere.


12 Free Social Media Courses Online

1  Social Media Quick Starter


One of the best free course on Social media. It has segregated the content into all important social media topics.
Training modules are provide in videos and you can watch it online or you can download each section of the course .

Topics Covered

1   Social Media 101 (4 chapters)
2   Facebook  (21 Chapters)
3   Twitter  (17 chapters)
4   Linkedin (14 chapters)
5   Youtube  (9 chapters)
6   Rating and Reviews  (6 Chapters)
7   Location Based Services (7 Chapters)
8   QR Codes  (3 chapters )
9   Email plus Social Media Marketing  (5 chapters )
10 Blogging ( 3 chapters)
11 Beyond the Big three – Some of the Newer Social Networks Work  (2 chapters)


2  Social Network Guru

Free Social Networking Marketing course provide by Social network guru is 8 Part marketing course .

Topics Covered

Part 1 – Why every Business should be getting very excited about Facebook.
Part 2 – Five ways to Explode your Web Traffic and Online Sales.
Part 3 – Facebook vs Google Advertising.
Part 4 – Killer Apps that will Flood your Website with FREE traffic.
Part 5 – How to laser target friends in your niche.
Part 6 – The Secret of Rapidly Growing Your Friends List.
Part 7 – How to write engaging posts for your new friends.
Part 8 – FREE Video – Advanced Facebook Marketing.

3  30 Days to Social Media Marketing

Tod Maffin Provides offers 30 Days to Social Media Marketing series. Its a video series and you get new short video every three days.  At end of the course you will receive a Certification of Completion.

Lesson Plan

1   Geotargeting Your Brand Messages on Facebook
2   Identifying LOCAL High Influencers on Twitter
3   Protecting and Moderating Your Facebook Brand Page
4   Facebook’s Secret to Getting Your Posts on the News Feed
5   Responding When Your Brand is Attacked Online
6   The Six Keys to Making an Online Campaign Go Viral.
7   Measuring Your YouTube Marketing Effectiveness
8   Using Page Fragmenting to Measure Social ROI
9   Tod’s Two Secret Digital Marketing Ninja Tips
10  Next Steps

Social Media School by Zestee

Renee Veldman Provides Free 12 week social media course online.  The live online teaching has been over but you can download all the Course material in PDF format.  You can get a lot of other social media resources there.

Lessons covered

Week 1: Social Media Strategy
Week 2: Facebook
Week 3: Twitter
Week 4: Blogs & Websites
Week 5: YouTube
Week 6: LinkedIn
Week 7: Databases
Week 8: Google+
Week 9: Enewsletters
Week 10: Surveys
Week 11:Social Media Dashboards
Week 12: Pinterest, Instagram & other tools

Diploma in Social Media Marketing by Alison

This free course from Alison covers Social media marketing and its tools, blogging , podcasting and email marketing.  Tutorials are available in online in video format, You can’t download the content. It will take 15 – 20 hours to complete the course for the average learner.

Topics Covered

Module 1 – Introduction to websites
Module 2 – Introduction to auto responders and eBooks
Module 3 – Using auto responders to build list
Module 4 – Affiliate marketing and increasing website traffic
Module 5 – Introduction to Social Media Marketing
Module 6 – How to use Twitter
Module 7 Part 1 – Audacity for Recording Podcast
Module 7 Part 2 – Podomatic – Publish your podcast to the web
Module 8 – WordPress – Blogging on the web
Module 9 – Facebook – Create your personal Profile
Module 10 – Facebook – Creating your LIKE page
Module 11 – Facebook – Increasing traffic to LIKE page
Marketing with Facebook assessment
Socila media Tools assessment
Final Assessment

Social media Marketing Crash Course – 7 Day Course

Laura Lake from About.com provides 7 Day Social Media Marketing course through Email

Topics Covered

Day 1: Understand the Role of Social Media in Marketing
Day 2: Is It Right for Your Business?
Day 3: Social Media Methods – Which Ones Are Right for Your Business?
Day 4: Manners are Important in Social Media
Day 5: Social Media Isn’t Just for B2C Businesses
Day 6: Nonprofits See Social Media Benefits
Day 7: Should I Outsource My Social Media Marketing?

Facebook 101 by Gcflearnfree.org

A tutorial on Facebook, covers every aspect of Facebook.

Topics Covered

1  What is Facebook
2  Set up your account
3  Understanding Facebook Privacy
4  Set your privacy
5  Additional Privacy Settings
6  Create your profile
7  Deactivate your account
8  Find friends
9  Sharing on Facebook
10 Understanding your news feed
11 Upload pictures and Videos
12 Chat and Video calling
13 Use facebook on your Mobile devices
14 Messages
15 Facebook Groups

8  Top 10 Free Social Media Tools – A webinar by  JM Internet Group

On of the best free webcast on Social media marketing. Its provide the details of top 10 free social media tools one by one , there web link and a Power point Presentation.

Free Social Media Tutorials by Chris Sietsema

Chris provides Social media tutorials in PDF format which is available for download from Slideshare.

PDF tutorials is available for Facebook , Twitter , Youtube and Linkedin . Tutorials includes relevant statistics, step by step instructions and other helpful information

10  Free course in Web 2.0 and Social media for development

You have to register with Imarkgroup to access the course material. This free training course is available online and you can learn at your own pace. This course provide detail information on wide range of social media tools and how to take advantage of these tools.

11  E-Marketing and Social Networks by Mainesbdc

This is a Flash based Video on social media and E-marketing narrated by Greg Gould

12  Facebook and Twitter : Getting Started – By HP Learning center

You have to register with HP learning center to access the Tutorial.

There might be more free social media courses available, If any one come across more free courses and want to add in this list , plz contact me

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